Aodhran studied and worked in the field of Social Care prior to branching out into the healing field! His work in Social Care encompassed working with the elderly, acquired brain injury and young adults with autism! This gave him the platform to truly understand and appreciate peoples needs! However, Aodhran possessed a passion to be of service on a deeper level, encompassing the holistic approach to such needs. This led him on his healing journey where upon he gained his diploma in Bio Energy Therapy! While he thoroughly enjoyed this course from a self development standpoint alongside learning more of the holistic world, he felt it was lacking the spiritual element he was seeking! It was then he found the healing vibration of Rahanni Celestial Healing and this began his regular work as a spiritual healer! Rahanni works on a gentle vibration of pink light accompanied with the grace of the angelic realm & ascended masters! Rahanni brought out the natural intuition which Aodhran believes we all possess! “Each one of us has the gift of intuition, it is just a case of reconnecting to it & honing it. I call it the intuition muscle :) Intuition is such a wonderful gift and I am deeply humbled and graced that Source & the angels allowed mine to blossom.”

Aodhran credits Lorna Byrnes book “Angels in my hair” with igniting his love of the angelic realm. “The simplicity of her wording with regards her encounters with angels and spirit allowed me to be able to connect with these beautiful beings of light in my own format. I found myself being drawn to anything with an angelic element and I could begin to feel their gentle presence pervade my everyday life! Its a magical occurrence when u welcome them into your life for they enrich u with such affection, learning and protection. Of course they have been there all along but only did I realise their magnificence when I found myself awoken to my mission as a lightworker”.

Aodhrans maternal line is especially rich with healers! His Grandmother Nellie O’Toole possessed a very strong psychic ability and his Great Grandmother Ellen O’Brien ran the local post office in Kilkea Village in Castledermot alongside being a herbalist! Aodhrans mother Helena is a Reflexologist. “When I look back on this ancestral line in particular I feel its a natural progression to find my self in this field also and that is a beautiful thing to me as I see it as one holding the light for a certain period before it is passed onto the next generation. I always had huge respect and gratitude for my ancestors who paved the path before me. It was something I recall having a profound reverence for even as a young child!”. Aodhran never met his Grandfathers in this lifetime but feels them draw closely to him when conducting his healing work! “I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of such a family that shaped and moulded me.

“I am incredibly thankful to my guides, angels, ascended masters, saints and of course God & Mother Mary for awakening me to my path as a healer”.


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