I have had the pleasure of healing sessions from Aodhran of Divine Healing and found it has changed my life considerably. I have gained confidence, happiness and immense healing from the Rahanni Celestial Healing and continue to pop into Aodhran.  I am much more able to make good decisions about my life and business since having these sessions.
I would highly recommend Divine Healing as a way of getting in touch with your inner self and reconnecting with your higher self.

(Mgt Egan)  Kilkenny


Aodhran is an amazingly intuitive healer. He has the rare gift of being able to read a person on first meeting and tailor his healing powers to suit their particular needs. I met Aodhran after being diagnosed with breast cancer and I can honestly say he helped me both on a physical level but also in a profoundly spiritual way. He put my mind at ease and told me that everything would go well during my mastectomy and chemotherapy. With this in mind, I thankfully sailed through both ordeals. His method is thoroughly holistic and in the true sense of the term, a mind, body and spiritual experience.

(Maeve O’Hair)  Tipperary


I first visited Aodhran six months after having my second child.  I was feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed and wanted to find some inner peace.  From the minute I met Aodhran I felt a sense of well-being.  He has an amazing ability to give you a sense of yourself and your relationships both past and present.  He has done healing sessions with me that have given me the most unbelievable sense of peace and happiness.  Aodhran is truly gifted and blessed with the ability to tune into the spiritual world around us.  He is a lovely, genuine, kind person with a sense of compassion and genuine appreciation for life and life experiences.  I cannot recommend him highly enough and am looking forward to more sessions in the future.

(Bronagh Perche)  Kilkenny

I am so grateful that I found Aodhran and the Divine Healing Sanctuary.  It is difficult to describe the immediate sense of serenity that you feel when you first visit.  Aodhran has kindness and compassion that flows from him in such a way that you are totally at ease and relaxed.  The whole experience is profound.  I was in awe at the depth of Aodhran’s insight and intuition.  He is incredibly generous with his time and his wisdom.  The healing itself works at such a deep level that you can feel the energy with you in the following days and weeks.  After each session you can feel huge changes in yourself, your relationships and your life path. It is a joy to experience this healing and I have recommended Aodhran wholeheartedly to family and friends.  I am deeply grateful to him for sharing the gift of his healing energy.

Aisling Boyd Geraghty (Kilkenny)

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